Life Event

Life Event

Hello readers! I have some exciting news for you. After months of hard work and failed attempts I have finally landed my commercial kitchen. I am actually meeting with the town hall health inspector later today to go over my next steps. Every day I am one step closer to making my dreams a reality.

I typed up my proposal stapled my business card to it and started going door to door. OLD SCHOOL.  To my surprise I got a call back; they asked me to come in and pitch the idea, and I would get to take a peek at the kitchen and make sure it was up to my standards.

Please keep in mind that in the midst of it all I still have a fulltime and par time job. I came home late from an event. At 11:0pm the day before my big meeting, I started typing up my business plan. Talk about waiting until the last minute. But in my defense I’m a busy lady!

The day of the meeting I went to print two copies; one for the gentleman I would be meeting with and the other for myself in case he wanted to go over it (always be prepared).

About 95% of the document had printed, and the rest of the pages were blank. I ran out of ink… business admin 101 ink is expensive but always have a backup! I didn’t have enough time to run to the store, go home and print documents and then leave the house again, so I began gathering old ink cartridges hoping that I could salvage a few drops for my last few pages.  Of course, I got the job done!

The meeting was quite quick, but the kitchen was in better shape than I had imagined so that was a plus.

The gentleman didn’t ask to view my portfolio and we didn’t even go over my business plan, but I left it with him anyway. He said he would pitch the idea to the board members, and that he would be in touch.

One week later after a particularly trying day I got the best news! I IGOT MY KITCHEN!!!!  AND … he loved my business plan!

Hard work pays off kids; don’t give up.


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