Gourmet Bae Catering was founded in 2016 by  Bailey Reynolds.

Career wise, Bailey has always known what she wanted to do. Family both near and far helped to influence her passion for  culinary arts. She graduated from Southern New Hampshire University in December 2014 with a Bachelor’s degree in culinary arts management and an Associates Degree in Baking and Pastry Arts. After Graduation Bailey worked in and around the city of Boston picking up tips and tricks along the way.   Bailey is the Head  Chef, and Sole Owner of this LLC.


 As a Company we are here to meet all of your catering needs using local fresh ingredients.

“We strive to provide nothing but the best for our clients and their guests. Our plan is to focus on fresh, local and seasonal whole foods, and turn them into a gourmet affair.”


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  1. Suzanne Harrell says:

    Gourmetbae……we love your culinary skills. They are tasty and amazing!

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  2. Lynda Phillips says:

    Everything looks yummy

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  3. Audrey O’Brien says:

    Hi Bailey! Can you give me a call? I’d like to hire you to cater Maura’s grad party. 06/23. Thanks Audrey


    1. gourmetbae says:

      Hi Audrey, I am currently on vacation, but will give you a call when I get back on Monday. Why don’t you send me an email with what you are looking for. Gourmetbae@gmail.com

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