Bread Making Is Not For The Impatient

Today was Bread day. I actually have my last few loaves baking in the oven right now, and boy do they smell good. Fresh, homemade bread is a weakness of mine. When I woke up this morning  I hopped onto the internet and logged on to the King Arthur Website, and looked for a few recipes. I stumbled upon two recipes; oatmeal wheat bread, and a french baguette recipe. Like I  mentioned in my tile bread baking is not for the impatient; it takes a lot of time to develop a perfectly risen, smooth dough. This requires proofing time, and the time it takes to round the dough, letting  it rest, and then baking  it. So while i was waiting for my bread to proof I decided to make an blueberry apple jam, and also spent a few minutes outside shoveling some snow. Over here in Massachusetts the snow just keeps on coming down, so that kept me occupied for a while.  unnamed (2)

Over the summer I lived in Southern Vermont which is very close to the King Arthur Factory which is located in Norwitch, Vermont. The factory is spacious, and beautiful inside and out. There is a shop within the factory where you can purchase cook books baking supplies, and other goodies as well as flour. There is another section where you can enjoy fresh homemade pastries, and then on another side where you can look into the big windows and see the bakers hard at work

King Arthur Flour is located at 135 US-5, Norwich, VT 05055



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