Tofurkey anyone? 

First let me start by saying I’ve tried tofurkey, not a fan. Most people don’t understand why you would want to be a vegetarian in the first place. And then, they get even more confused when you say you occasionally eat things like chicken-less nuggets. Sometimes you just kinda miss the taste, and want something easy and effortless.

I’ve been a vegetarian for a little over a year now. More specifically I am a pescetarian . My only source of meat protein comes from fish. All my other protein comes from soy,nuts,eggs, and beans. I decided to try this lifestyle on a whim. I wanted to eat more healthier and get more vegetables into my diet, well I’m doing that for sure! Most people didn’t think I would last a week let alone over a year. And to answer your question, no I don’t miss bacon, actually the smell of cooking bacon actually bothers me now. I think vegetarianism will be a life long thing for me. It’s given me the opportunity to try so many  new foods like beans and hummus, I’m obsessed haha. I’ve also noticed how much meat we as Americans consume. We don’t eat for nutritional purposes, but because it taste good, and we are glutenous creatures. Next time your at a barbecue or even this Thanksgiving take note how how much meat you and those around you consume… way more than you actually need. But to each his own!
Last thanksgiving I was kinda bummed because I was missing out on all my favorites. I used to love turkey, it was basically the only meat I ate.  I couldn’t eat the stuffing because it had meet in it and no gravy, sooo I basically just loaded up on mac n cheese, but not this year.
This thanksgiving there is no reason to feel like you are missing out! Share your vegetarianism with the friends and family, just don’t tell them it doesn’ t have meat in it. The food will be so delicious, they won’t even notice. Last weekend I was watching the Kitchen on the food-network and they made a sausage and pumpkin lasagna which inspired me to make my own, it looked so amazing I had to try it out. I just used soy chorizo from Trader Joe’s instead of sausage. Here is he original recipe if anyone is interested
I’m thinking I may also bring some homemade stuffing, maybe a piece of fish, and a bean salad, maybe some roasted Brussels, the possibilities are endless. Just don’t feel left out dying the holidays! There is something for everyone.

Hello fellow bloggers. My name is Bailey, but you can call me Bae. I am a 22 year old college graduate, and an aspiring pastry chef. I have recently been released into the real, wild, culinary world, and I am slowly finding my way. In the midst of it all I plan on exploring restaurants, pursuing food photography, critiquing recipes as well as creating my own, as well as reading as many chef biographies as my free time allows. I think it is important to know about the chefs that have paved the way for us fellow culinarians. It also allows you to sound educated when conversing with others in the field. I am very excited to see where this adventure takes me; I hope you will come along for the ride!

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