Hands In the Pot, Life Update

I have my hands in a lot of different pots right now. Literally and figuratively, so moving forward I think all of my posts will be life event updates and a few posts about food…I went on vacation to Florida at the end of July, and when I came back, I quit my job. I was never happy there and things were just going downhill. Yes, we work to make money, but happiness is a big part of it. So is being treated well, and being appreciated. At said job I would have to be in at 8:00 and I rarely made it in on time mainly because I just stopped caring… bad attitude… means time for change.

When I started my new job I had to be at work for 6am every morning, and I was there with a smile on my face, because I was happy to be there! Since the. I have actually been switched to afternoons, but I will like it there. Ownership/ management is great, and so is the staff. I’m working for a catering company which was started about a year ago so I’m kinda learning the ins and outs which will hopefully help me with my business later on.

Speaking of my business! It’s up and running, slow start, but I think once it takes off it’s really gonna take off, and there will be no looking back. I’m advertising like crazy; I even have car magnets aha. I’m scheduling tastings, meeting clients and booking weddings for 2017!

Right now I’m working on selling pies for the upcoming holiday ( Thanksgiving). I’m selling apple, blueberry, pumpkin, and pecan. Production and deliveries will be happening the week of thanksgiving, and its not too late to place your order if you are interested! If so email me at gourmetbae@gmail.com 

Well, that’s it for now! Keep a look out for my next blog post, I will be talking about being a vegetarian during the holidays.


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