So, You’re  a Vegetarian Now?

haven’t really blogged about it at all, but on a whim I decided to become a vegetarian. I have been going strong since mid September 2015. My last meaty meal was takeout Chinese food, and I remember it like it was yesterday. But to be honest I don’t really miss meat at all. Well, to be clear I’m actually a pescitarian, the only “fleshy” food I eat is fish, something I consume atleast once a week. 

It was hard at first because I didn’t really do my research. I felt my energy fading, and all I wanted to do was sleep. Before becoming a vegetarian I would suggest doing your research or consulting with a nutritionist. I read some books, and  am now taking lots of vitimans, and I’ve been great moving forward. 

As of Christmas I’ve diligently been back at the gym. I wanted to hit it before New Years so I wouldn’t be considered a New Years resolution cliche. With diet and exercise I am down 7 pounds in about a month. I have a long way to go, but every little bit counts.

People ask me why I decided to become a vegetarian, and it’s kind of hard to answer that question. Yes, of course I care about animal rights, but that’s not really my reasoning. For me the thought of eating meat with all these added hormones kinda grosses me out. Not to mention genetically modified meat ( ew). With that being said I’m sure people will counter comment and say that in the germination process plants are being genetically altered also. Yes, this is true I prefer non GMO foods, but sometimes you just can’t avoid them.

It gets really challenging at work sometimes. I now cook in the savory side of the restaurant, and you have to taste everything you prepare. Yes I taste, I chew, and then I politely spit it out, and then season accordingly. So,  if this is your excuse for not becoming a vegetarian your point is no longer valid. Sometimes I get temped, but I haven’t cheated, not even once.

I love this new lifestyle and I think it’s going to be a lifelong thing. If anyone ever has any questions about recipes, motivation, or advice for me please feel free to reach out!  

Hello fellow bloggers. My name is Bailey, but you can call me Bae. I am a 22 year old college graduate, and an aspiring pastry chef. I have recently been released into the real, wild, culinary world, and I am slowly finding my way. In the midst of it all I plan on exploring restaurants, pursuing food photography, critiquing recipes as well as creating my own, as well as reading as many chef biographies as my free time allows. I think it is important to know about the chefs that have paved the way for us fellow culinarians. It also allows you to sound educated when conversing with others in the field. I am very excited to see where this adventure takes me; I hope you will come along for the ride!

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