Chicken Soup Soothes the Soul, and Cures the Flu

This week was pretty busy at work, and I only had one day off. On my one day off I was lucky enough to get up early, and take my little brother to the doctors because he had the Flu.  After it was confirmed that he actually had the flu I sent him to bed with lots of fluids, and things to keep him occupied.  He told me that he was hungry, and wanted soup for lunch, But he doesn’t like soup from a can… how spoiled can a 16 year old get. Lucky enough for him I know how to make homemade soup.

Homemade Soup

4oz butter

celery  chopped

onions  cut dine

carrots chopped

pepper diced


bouquet garni – cheesecloth containing whole black peppercorns,  bay leaves knotted  so the condense doesn’t come out.

celery salt

fresh garlic

salt  to taste


pepper  to taste

water  about 3-4 quarts

left over chicken, bones, skin, and all

The great thing about soup is that you can add all the scraps you want. You can used vegetables that are starting to wilt, if that is all you have, no one will know, it just a little added flavor.

That being said there are no measurements for the vegetables, use as much or as little as you would like!


Melt butter in a large soup pot add celery carrots, and onions. Let them cook down until they are soft. Then add all other vegetables. Add water, chicken (chicken, bones, skin and other scraps) season and let simmer for hours for maximum flavor. Before serving do not forget to remove bones!



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