What Makes a Successful Business… We’re still figuring that out

As most of you may know; as of March 1st I began the process of starting my own catering business. Cool! Wicked Exciting!… but its really not that easy

I had to register my business name, get a tax ID number consult with a health inspector, find commercial kitchen spaces to rent, and write out proposals for said kitchens.

My original plan was to start out of the home, but health regulations do not allow catering businesses to operate out of a residential space.

I started contacting local ¬†restaurants and catering companies to see if they would be interested in renting to me. i found a great location a town over from me, but negotiations are taking a lot longer than i would like, and I’m starting to think that is is slowing the business down.

Did I mention that in the midst of it all I’m still working my full-time job, and my part time job? To say the least I am a busy lady.

During this process I’m beginning to wonder, what makes a successful business? You can read lots of books, take lots of classes, and speak with endless entrepreneurs, and they all have different views.

  1. Knowing the right people
  2. Making good connections in the industry
  3. Never burning your bridges
  4. Having a strong business plan
  5. Being reliable
  6. Having the monetary funds to back you up
  7. Investors
  8. Business  sense
  9. Always treating employees with respect
  10. Follow your dreams
  11. To Be Continued…

Since the beginning of my catering journey I ave only been advertising to friends and family. I have successfully run an event for 40 people at the Natural History Museum at Harvard University, I have also done a baby shower cake, and a few birthday cakes! I cannot wait to get the kitchen rental finalized so I can do my large scale advertising.







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