In No Time Things Change

So, remember how two posts I was kind of sort of complaining about my new job? Well over night I went from salad prep girl to banquet events dessert girl, which I am actually excited about. I am still learning the ins and outs as well as my true role in this position. But on my first night I was left alone to serve a 300 person party, talk about responsibility. At first I was totally freaking out, but in reality it’s not that bad. It’s all about timing, and pace. The next day I was in charge of a 500 and a 100 person party, needless to say that was a little more overwhelming, but I still made it happen with time to spare.  It seems as though once I really get the hang of things I could really make this “my department” the sales team is already asking me about new ideas, and trust me I have tons. On my days off I am looking through my recipes, and thinking of things that the team would really enjoy selling. I am also trying to analyze the negatives within the department, and looking at how the department operates, and slowly trying to make improvements.

With this new job I am on a sixty day probation period. During this time I think I am being tested, no not think, I know I am being tested. I believe they want to see how much work they can through on me before I get overwhelmed and quit. But I know that I will not get overwhelmed (well I already have but I already overcame that), and I have no intentions of quitting.

Forty-seven more days to go!


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