Alfredo Anyone

As a kid mac and cheese is naturally one of our most beloved foods. I remember one time I went to the Olive Garden with my family and I wanted mac and cheese but they didn’t have it. I went for the next best thing; Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo. Moving forward every time I’m at an Italian restaurant fettuccine Alfredo was my go to. I am currently, consciously, trying to cut back on my dairy intake, but cheese is the bomb. Before anyone makes any suggestions, I have tried the fake cheese, one bite and in the trash it went. I also tried  the dairy free boxed macaroni and cheese. The smell alone was enough to make me put it right in the trash. The thought of nutritional yeast intrigues me. I hear it has a cheesy flavor, although, the thought of nutritional yeast also grosses me out because its  yeast.

My solution to my Alfredo/ macaroni craving has arrived. I’ve heard about avocado “cheese sauce” but I figured it was too good to be true. Nope, it’s just too good.

1 ripe Avocado

1.5 cup hot vegetable stock

2 Tablespoons butter (to make vegan feel free to omit or use vegan butter or oil)

1 tsp minced garlic

Salt and pepper to taste


Heat up veg stock, butter and garlic. Peel avocado and put in the blender. Pour in hot liquid into blender. Cover, keep a kitchen towel over the over so you don’t get burned. Blend until smooth.  Toss in with pasta and enjoy!

Best enjoyed in one sitting. The sauce starts to oxidize ( turns brown like an apple or peeled potato) after sitting for too long.